Dear guests,

for the past six years we have been preparing for you cakes and desserts from the best ingredients all of them are without colouring and conserving substances.

We value your trust and appreciate your loyalty.

Thank you that you keep comming back to CAFEPAVLINA.



About us


Where would you like to drink your coffee?

That was the first and probably most important question, that I asked myself before opening my café. It should have become modern, but at the same time cozy. I wanted it to have clear lines, without being overloaded, but still warm. Did you know that red color arouses appetite? With that in mind I picked adeep red tone for my café. Chocolate brown accents set the comfortable furniture and the nicely long bar. All that lies in the changing light of the seasons from morning till evening. And just like at homewe light candels in the evening. Our summer garden is embedded in a lot of green, and big parasols provide cooling shades. Street noise does not exist here. To feel good, enjoy, always fresh flowers and the scent of coffee throughout the day — that's how it should have become and how it has become. All cakes and pies are home-made according to chosen recipes. Where would you rather enjoy the best chocolate cake than with here us?
We are looking forward to you. Let us regale you.